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 Explanation: Affinity & Elements

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PostSubject: Explanation: Affinity & Elements   Explanation: Affinity & Elements I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 13, 2012 3:13 am

In this section we will explain what affinity and elements are and how it effects players. First of all take a look at this diagram.

Explanation: Affinity & Elements Elemen10

Some elements have a natural disadvantage against one element and an advantage against another. The green arrows indicate which element are naturally stronger then the other (so water is naturally stronger then fire). Both ice and force have no disadvantage nor advantage. Light and darkness are each others opposite. You can't really say that one is strong agains the other, but it's safe to say that they cancel each other out. Both light an dark can be merge with a basic element to have a increased effect (for example dark + fire = dark fire which is a more intense fire). Remember that these type of skill will also have a higher rank.

Your character can have one affinity for an element. The affinity you have, will give you a small bonus depending on which you choose, in which the most important one is that you can learns skills with that element better. Each element also has its own properties (this doesn't always applies for each skills).
For starters all skills you learns with the same element as your affinity will have deduction of mana use (-5 mana). Using an skill which is weak against your affinity will increase mana use (+5 mana)
Second, these bonuses depends on the affinity you choose (keep in mind that an affinity does not influence your personality):

Fire: Fire is an aggressive nature. Having fire also boost the user’s physical strength (so physically you slightly stronger than average). Fire can, without a decent control run out of control and sometimes even damage the user.

Wind: Wind is strong yet difficult to use element. Having wind boost the user’s control of magic (so when learning magic, training is reduced by 1). Wind is hard to control making learning wind element related skill very difficult.

Lightning: Lightning is a high level element. Lightning boost the user’s reflexes (so role-playing wise you can react to things slightly faster). This element however consumes a considerable amount of energy, meaning lightning user, usually can’t perform too many skills.

Earth: Earth is the sturdy element of nature. Having earth also boost the user’s physical defence (so physically you can slightly take more abuse than average). Its relatively an easy element to master, however skills tend to be casted relatively slow.

Water: Water is the tender and patient element of nature. Having water boost the user’s vitality (so the overall risk, fatigue is set at 35 instead of 50). Water is fairly easy to use however require great control in order to do more advance skills.

Ice: Ice is the element in the middle of the basic element circle. Ice is really easy to learn and control and consumes the least amount of mana. Having ice boost the users magic capacity (so MC is increased by 20). As long as a skill is used correctly ice has no downsides on the users body.

Light: Light is one of the so called advanced elements and is stronger than all the other basic elements. Not having light as element makes it really difficult to learn light based skills (training is increased by 2). Having light as element makes the user capable of learning every basic element rather easy (training decreased by 2, however training dark based skills are increased by 3). The advanced elements are also dangerous, as for light, uses drains the users life force (total MC is decreased by 10).

Dark: Dark is one of the so called advanced elements and is stronger than every other element. Not having dark as element makes it really difficult to learn dark based skills (training is increased by 2). Having dark as element makes the user capable of sensing other peoples present as well as concealing their own (role-playing wise this means you can sneak up to other people better as well as spot ambushes). The advanced elements are also dangerous, as for dark, the element is rather dominant and takes control of the user if over, or wrongly used (total MC is decreased by 10). Therefor dark element users usually focus on dark and sometimes 1 extra since more elements, can be dangerous (risks of a third learned element skill are increased).

Force: Force (or element less) is the most common affinity and most non-magic skills are force element base. Because force isn't close to nature using element based skill can be a bit more difficult (Mana use increased by 5 for element skills). Force users however don't have any penalties for learning light or dark skills.

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Explanation: Affinity & Elements
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