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PostSubject: Character Application   Character Application I_icon_minitimeThu Feb 26, 2015 10:25 pm

Here is a basic overview of all the characters that will make in appearance in the VN. The are order by chapter in which they appear and are given their names or roles (meaning names can change are later added). Full character description will be given over time mainly because voice-overs can determine a character demeanor (This means YOU as voice-over can mostly determine how character can should act). but for now people can apply for a role. Question about a specific character or need a recommendation? Feel free to ask. Character that are already chosen will have the person behind them like this: Ten (Tempest). For now, I'll only put in the user name people have on this forum.

Character List

Ten Melin  (Tempest)
Ten’s Father. Calm & wise
Ten’s Mother. Patient & compassionate
Traveler 1 & 2 (Teachers of Magic)
Lester. Leader of the kid gang in Ascot
Kid A, B, C…
Element spirit Undine *new*. Teaches about mana/magic
Byron (Lord Puck)
Bandit A, B, C… Are with Byron
ME Soldier. Meets and inspires Ten
ME Guard. Small role at the end

Chapter 1
Tempest (Tempest)
Element spirit Gnome *Old*. VERY short part, a few sentences/human hater
ME Teacher. Teaches more detailed about elements and other matters
Yuji Grimore. Tempest’s friend/mentor/informal/lightning user
Gradution students. Officially 10 face off against Tempest, Yuji and Askura
Askura. Tempest’s Friend/Strong willed/calm/light,dark,earth user/Weapon summoner
Randolf. ME Squad leader
Byron (Lord Puck)
Bandits A, B, C…
Fay. Escort Client
Leo. Enemy Soldier/energetic/serious toned/dark user
Twin sister. Enemy soldier same squad as Leo/relative small role
Elemental Elite Squad 5x. Fire/Water/Lightning/Wind/Earth users
Malik. Faces against Tempest/over confident/Fire user
Merchant. Shady imposter
Dallas Estal. Counselor in Magnolia/manipulative/Ice, Light user
ME Soldiers. random people
Store clerk. Late mature woman

Chapter 2
Tempest (Tempest)
Askura. Humanoid heir to Rakia/troubled/Twillight spirit
Malik. Shady warrior, Fire user
Milo Ross. Kid from Ylisse
Ylisse citizens. Random people
2 Militia soldiers. Attack Ylisse/siblings/Water users
Militia leader. Attacks Tempest in Ylisse/Wind user
Sheena. possessor of “absolute zero” magic
Elly. Dragon summoner/Child(ess)/New companion
Tenshi. Holder of the "Angel Gear"/Calm/almost emotionless/Possess partial summon arts
Akuma. Holder of the "Demon Gear"/Sinister/manipulative
Mysterious Man. Helps/forces Tempest's Earth gear/force user
ME (Rakia) Soldiers. Random people
Element spirit Gnome *Old*. Human hater
Element spirit Undine *Old*. Naive/Few sentences
Element spirit Efreet *Old*. Few sentences
Element spirit Slyph *Old*. Few sentences

Chapter 3
Tempest (Tempest)
Mr. Grimore. Yuji father/lightning user/commander
Elite Squad. In Grimore's squad/Fire&Earth user/small role
Luke. Mysterious man/(Guides) Tempest
Leo (Older). Defendant Soldier/serious toned/dark/wind user/Possess "gravity" magic
Sheena. Defendant Soldier/possessor of “absolute zero” magic
Askura. Humanoid heir to Rakia/Twillight Spirit (Container)
Element spirit Celcius. Snide/cynical
Demons. Random Roles/dark user (sometimes with another element)
Milo Ross. Kid from Ylisse/Half demon/Water, dark user
Elly (Older). Dragon summoner/Child(ess)/Defendant Soldier
Cester. Summoner/Friend of Elly/Defendant Soldier
Rakia King. Askura's "father"
Tenshi. Holder of the "Angel Gear"/Calm/almost emotionless/Possess partial summon arts
Akuma. Holder of the "Demon Gear"/Sinister/manipulative/Force user
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Character Application
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