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 Explanation: Training

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PostSubject: Explanation: Training   Explanation: Training I_icon_minitimeSat Feb 23, 2013 8:36 pm

This topic will explain how to acquire new skills. As explained in "Explanation: Skills", skill are the techniques your character will actually perform and before you can use a new one when role-playing you need to learn them first through training.

When training skills you need to make a story (with someone if you're training with someone) in which you learn that skill. To learn the skill, you need to reach a certain amount of words. If you want you can spread the training sessions over multiple topics (but please connect them with links so staff can find each individually topic easier). You may have noticed in the "Explanation: Affinity & Elements" that some affinities give a bonus or penalty on training skills. Each bonus point equals 50 words (so, training increased by 2 means an additional 100 words).

When learning new skills you may only learn skills that belong to your power (so someone with firepower can self-teach water skill). You are also only allowed to self-teach a skill 2 ranks above your rank or below. You are, however, allowed to learn skills from other people, even if they don't belong to your power. Furthermore, when taught by someone else, the cap of skill rank doesn't apply as long as the teacher knows the skill.

Here you can see how much words you need to learn a skill for each rank of skill. The number in between the barracks shows the number of words that are needed when training with more people. Both peoples words, count for training a skill however when training with more than 2 people only your words count along with 1 other person:

1: 200 (300)
2: 400 (600)
3: 750 (1200)
4: 1000 (1600)
5: 1300 (2100)
6: 1600 (2800)
7: 2000 (3500)
8: 2800 (5000)
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Explanation: Training
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