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 Explanation: Money

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PostSubject: Explanation: Money   Explanation: Money I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 20, 2012 10:34 pm

Money! Money MONEY! it's so.... Oh wait, back on track. So this topic will explain essence of... money.

Here we call it gold (we don't have a great name for it sorry). You need gold to pay for all kinds of stuff you need or want. There are 4 (5) ways to get more money:
- When your character is finished you receive 1000 gold for free (Yeah FREE CASH!)
- For each roleplaying post you receive 100 gold
- Completing jobs, requests or participating in wars for a kingdom
- Creating jobs, requests or events for others will give you 1500 gold for each. Creating facilities or towns, outside of your duties will give 1500 gold. Those, made for you rank duty still give out 250 gold each.
- (This is optional:) You can ask a fee from students.

The total amount of money you have can be seen in the char sheet tab (left of each post).

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Explanation: Money
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