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 Explanation: Skills

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PostSubject: Explanation: Skills   Explanation: Skills I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 10, 2012 5:15 pm

In this section we will be explaining what “skills” as well as “Supporting skills” are, as well as how to assign them to your character. Before reading this it’s best to read the explanation about powers first.

So first, what is a skill? Basically it’s learned technique (either self-thought or learned from someone) which you will actually preform. So lets say your power was "fire manipulation" then skills would be things like: Fireball, Firewall, Fire aura, etc. Each skill has a rank (similar to a characters rank) depending on its power, however skill ranks don’t have 5 as a limit and can be even higher. Here you can see what can be expected of each skill rank.


Next is the difference between skills and supporting skills. In a nutshell: a skill is a technique which can be used on its own, while supporting skills require, either a curtained power, or another skill. For example:
A magic spell: “Fireball” would be skill and could be learned by anyone.
For a support skill let’s take Byakugan as power again as example. Here a support skill would be juuken. A skill where you use energy to pierce through a target and hit a targets vital organ directly. Although anyone could learn this skill it won’t be as effective since someone without the power Byakugan as power can’t see these vital spots and thus can’t strike them more effectively. In this example you could still learn this support skill without the power, however there are examples in which a power is absolutely necessary to perform a support skill.

So how do you obtain skills? There are 4 ways to obtain skills
1. Upon creation you are allowed to have set amount of free skill. Mostly you are given 5 free skills , but this can change depending on: your power, rank and the abilities that you have
2. You can teach yourself new techniques. The limitations from self-taught skill, however is that you can’t learn skills higher than 2 ranks above your own rank or above.
3. Find a master/teacher. This could be another player or a NPC who is willing to teach you one of their techniques. When learned from someone else there is no limitations on what rank skill you can learn. Training does become tougher when trying to learn skills far above your own rank.
4. From advancing. In some causes your development can come along with new skills. Skills learned through this method highly depend on how your development went, what you did beforehand and what your rank is/became.

How to train skills is more explained in: “Explanation: Training”.
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Explanation: Skills
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