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 Explanation: War!

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PostSubject: Explanation: War!   Explanation: War! I_icon_minitimeWed Dec 26, 2012 11:11 pm

This section will explain the fundamentals of war! Being at war can be good for some, but tedious for others. That's why war never last forever. You can check if your kingdom is at war in the "War Status" tab on the right.

First of all let's explain how war is caused and how it is stopped.
- A war is started because circumstances caused by players (YES YOU!). Missions done by players, simple visits or other events can eventually lead up to a war (mostly) between kingdoms. Sometimes a war can also be between a kingdom and a village/town. The last however is more often considered as a riot since these villages/towns are part of the kingdoms. In some causes the cause of these wars will also be announced in a separate topic.
- A war can be stopped in two ways. First is time. Over time a war will stalemate and the war between kingdoms will fade (keep in mind that these kingdoms are waging war for decades so a new war can be inevitable). Second is consecutive winning from one side. In most causes players will be leading battles in these wars and when one kingdom's players keep winning in skirmishes a war will end as well. Kingdoms however aren't lost in these ways because of mysteries circumstances...... (You'll find out once your kingdom won a war).

So what happens when kingdoms are at war!? Well there are a couple of things you need to pay attention to (especially when you belong to the kingdom) when kingdoms are at war.
- Kingdoms that are at war, are considered enemies (for REAL!!?). Thus you can expect to be captured, or attacked on sight when entering an enemy kingdom when your emblem is visible. Even those who don't belong to the enemy kingdom may have difficulties entering the kingdom. Thus you must make a travelling topic in which you deal with the guards (and in some causes a staff member will intervene and act as them) when entering a kingdom which are at war.
- High leveled players are expected to be available in which most of the time you will get a personal event topic in which you can or cannot apply for an army unit.
- For kingdoms who aren't at war: The difficulty of every mission/job that was available which involved travelling to a kingdom that is at war will be increased (because the chance of encountering unwanted battle fields increase).
For kingdoms that are at war: every mission/job that was available which involved travelling to the enemy kingdom are (temporarily) suspended. Rewards of regular missions/jobs can decrease. Leaving town becomes more dangerous. In return participation in the wars, or contributing to a skirmish's result, in your (kingdom's) favor can you give you high rewards.

When a war starts each party will make a curtained amount a units (depending on how many people volunteer, or accept a request, as well as their rank). These units are given a number and then posts, created by staff members, will be made (in either kingdom's topic) in which each players can then role play their skirmish out. The environment is given by the staff member who created the topic. It could happen that one kingdoms has more units then the other in which cause, either one units must fight off multiple units at once or that particular unit wins by default. When a war is ongoing a new tab appears under the "War Status" tab in which you can see who you are facing so you can see if you need to wait for someone else to post or not. When role playing in a war remember not to kill other players (non-players is up to your judgment). Also if you are leading a unit you can also control the non-players in your posts. Just like one-on-one battle try to be fair when facing the enemy (So NO god-modding). When you are the sole-player in a skirmish a staff member will role play with you and fill in the opposing side. A side wins when the other side either retreats or is completely wiped out (Most units rather retreat then fight to the dead so keep this in mind).

When a war ends a winner will be decided. The winner is decided based on a few things:
- The amount of Skirmishes that each kingdom won
- The amount of support each player gives to their kingdom during the war (so the amount request are completed, or how much work for the army is done besides the skirmishes)

Every player belonging to the Kingdom that won (even those that didn't participate) will be given a reward depending on the results (this could be either gold, special items, increase of MC, etc.). Each member of the kingdom(s) that lost will be given a consultation reward (but only to those who participated in the skirmishes). These rewards are aside from the reward you get from your kingdom.
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Explanation: War!
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