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 Explanation: Powers

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PostSubject: Explanation: Powers   Explanation: Powers I_icon_minitimeSat Nov 10, 2012 2:03 am

In this section we will be explaining what a power is and how everything surrounding it works.

So what is power?! Well basically it’s your main source of magical uses. Some people however don’t necessarily use magic to preform there tricks and that is why in general term we call it “power”. Basically, it's the category which you skills will belong to. What skills are will be explained later on. In this realm the world is filled with “Mana” or “Energy” as some refer it to. Regardless of your sort of power, any sort of non-human capability will require some Mana (the cost varies for each). Each character start out with 200MC (Mana Capacity). This is basically the max amount of mana your body can hold. This cap can increase through varies things, like training, doing missions, advancing as a character, etc.

Each power work out differently. For one’s power may be all he/she needs, while some have a general term for their power and require additional “skills” that support that power, or some powers are their skill itself. Confusing?! Sorry, but let us try to explain this better with some examples:

-Let’s say you want to be a ninja. Your power then would be: “Ninjustu” (or “Genjustu” if you like the illusion side of it more). Though Ninjustu is nothing in itself this power is then supported by “skills” (For skill please read: “Explanation: Skills”). So being a ninja could mean you have Ninjustu as a power and an array of ninja techniques as skills which you can use.

- Let’s say you want to be similar to for example Neji/Hinata (from Naruto) and want Byakugan as power: Here your power would be: "Byakugan". This power has a meaning of its own (in this cause: being able to see 360 degree, seeing other people energy points, seeing the flow of energy, etc.) Even though you have a power that in itself has skills, you can still support it with other skills (so Hakkeshou Kaiten, Juuken, etc.) Don't forget that more powerful powers, compared to your rank, come with greater risks in using them

- Let’s say you want to be a summoner (let’s take Lucy from fairy Tail as example). Here your powers would be summoning. In this example your power is pretty much all you need (with the exception of keys in Lucy's cause). You can summon many types of allies but the power you use to do it remains the same (although summoning stronger allies will cause greater risk in using them). In other words you don't need additional skills to do your summoning. In this cause you don’t require supporting skills.

Those are basic examples that come to mind. How you name your power is for you to decide. Keep in mind that the variety in skills that you can initially use mostly depends on how you describe your powers so think carefully when filling in the power section. Also keep in mind that each of the each of the above mentioned examples can have supporting skills, but what we meant is that some powers require it more than others. How the skill system works is further explained in: “Explanation: Skills”
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Explanation: Powers
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