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 Explanation: Teaching & grouping

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PostSubject: Explanation: Teaching & grouping   Explanation: Teaching & grouping I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 20, 2012 10:06 pm

This topic will discuss how to become a guardian/teacher or manage a group.

In order to guide another player you need to be at least rank 3. In order to accept students (or teacher) you must meet each other through roleplaying. Guiding other players will release you of some of the favors we will ask of you because of your rank. You can guide up to 3 other players. When you take students, they will be added to you char sheet (the tab left of your posts). Your students will have you as teacher in their tab. Basically, guiding means you need help other players with a few things through roleplaying:
- Help them achieve there goals (this is the most important)
- Help them with roleplaying issues. So if you notice one of your students making mistakes roleplaying, try to show him/her how it must be done (best way would be to point out the mistake at the end of your posts after you spot mistakes)
- Protect them

How you do these things is up to you. You can find missions for them which you are certain of they can accomplish, you can join them in missions yourself, you can teach them technique you know to protect them self, etc. As teacher, you can ask players for a fee, if you like. You don't have to be present in every topic in which your students are, but in most cases you are held responsible if harm comes to your students, or they cause trouble. Keep in mind that these things are a mutual agreement and if you charge your students too much or treat them poorly the can choose to leave you. The same goes for the students, as when they cause to much trouble you as teacher are allowed to abandon your students as well.

When the students advance both the teacher and the student can receive a bonus depending on the amount of work they did mutually.

In order to make a guild/club/etc, there needs to be at least 5 people participating from which one is the leader (the leader must be at least rank 4). The groups must be made through roleplaying (similar to teaching). Managing an official group can release you of some of the favors we will ask of you because of your rank. To make a guild there a few things that need to be done:
- 5 people must be gathered and one must be at least rank 4
- A fee of 2000 gold must be paid to create a license to make the group official (even those that aren't assigned to factions).
- The guild must have (a) goal(s)

Being part of guild raises you popularity a little faster. Also, a group is more likely to get personal events. A group will have a way to communicate from distances, thus when Intel needs to be spread among all members this can be done more easier. You can choose which method this can be done when creating the group (think in terms of, message animals). When having a group assigned to a kingdom, a portion of the jobs the kingdom receives will be given to your group (these jobs can then only be accepted by your group members). The more popular your guild becomes the more jobs you will receive. A leader of a group must occasionally arrange events for the group (depending on the goals) and must also arrange affair from outside regarding the group.
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Explanation: Teaching & grouping
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