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 Explanation: Mana & Mana Capacity

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Explanation: Mana & Mana Capacity Left_bar_bleue240/240Explanation: Mana & Mana Capacity Mana_b11  (240/240)

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PostSubject: Explanation: Mana & Mana Capacity   Explanation: Mana & Mana Capacity I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 13, 2012 10:20 pm

In this section we will explain what Mana is, as well the concept of MC (mana capacity).

First of all, mana is the energy all around the world (in most fictional worlds it's considered as life as well). Almost everyone is able to convert that mana to do varies things (like preforming spells). Gathering mana however is a rather slow process, and thus people usually use the mana stored in their own body. The amount of mana someone can hold, however is limited (MC). At first your character's MC is 200. There are varies methods in increasing this cap:
- Curtained affinities give a bonus (or penalty) to your MC
- Upon advancing your MC increases with 20 (if your character starts at a higher rank its MC is adjusted to match the right MC)
- Some events, when completed, can increase your MC
- Training (lots of training). Simply put, when doing training sessions that aren't meant to learn skills you can occasionally increase your MC

Elemental skill involves mana that need to be converted into that participial element. If someone has an affinity for that element, this conversion goes smooth and thus reduces the amount of mana used. If someone is weak against that element the opposite occurs and thus, more mana is needed (the + or - 5 mana. See Explanation: "Affinity & Elements" for more information).

Over time the body replenishes its mana. Every 4 posts you recover 5 mana under normal circumstances. Even when leaving a topic and you move on to the next your mana stays the same (we ask you if you use mana to keep track of this at the end of your posts). To fully replenish your mana its best to rest/sleep, which will fully recover your mana. Using the body's own mana wears the user out. At 50 or below mana the user will start to feel fatigue (even when you recover to over 50 mana through the natural restoring rule the fatique won't go away unless you have a rest). People with a water affinity will feel fatigue at 35 or less.
When you reach 0 mana your will have run out of fuel so to say. Reaching this will make you pass out (or at least immobile for those too stubborn to pass out). Also once you’ve reached this point the natural regeneration also disappears and you can only recover through resting.
In some situations the use mana is mandatory. Here we have what we call: "Final Strife" (you don’t have to say this^^). Basically what is means is that you push your body beyond its limits to preform another skill. This means that when you don’t have enough mana left to perform a curtained skill you can still push it out, resulting in an instead drop to 0 mana. Unlike the natural dropping to 0 however, recovering from this is more difficult (and can even be dangerous depending on the skill used). See this as a VERY LAST resort.

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Explanation: Mana & Mana Capacity
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