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 Explanation: Ranking system

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PostSubject: Explanation: Ranking system   Explanation: Ranking system I_icon_minitimeTue Nov 13, 2012 2:39 am

In this section we will be explaining how the ranking system works. Please bear with us since it is a long topic.

Each character, as well as every skill, has rank, which indicated how strong the character or skill. For character is more or less a status you have acquired. As character being higher ranked means you will gain some benefits: like higher MC, access to more places, easier use of higher leveled skills etc. Still, being higher ranked than someone doesn't necessary means being stronger than that person. A character’s rank varies from 1 to 5 with 5 being the highest. Starting with rank 1 which has 200MC each rank gives a bonus of 20MC.

As for skill, its rank is predetermined. The stronger the skill is the higher level it is. In some causes a spell can develop in its self or a person can make better use of the same skill. In these cases, the rank stays the same but the mana used for the skill can vary. Also when someone learns skills from someone else but in the end uses it differently the rank of the skill stays the same. Unlike characters, skills can vary from 1 to 8.

When making a character you must fill in your character’s rank. You may choose for yourself which you want to start off with. Having a higher rank not only gives you a bonus of MC but you also have more privileges. Higher ranked are more likely to do serious work, they have better access to higher-ups, are allowed to create guilds/groups (or whatever you want to call it). In return, we ask the people that are higher ranked (or achieve higher ranks) to do things for the community. This means, creating missions, NPC’s, towns, guilds, etc.  The higher in rank you are the more staff will expect of you to do. Some of these things are one time only, and other we may ask every now and then. The type of things staff will ask of you also depends on whether you belong to a kingdom or not  

(These upcoming rules may change later on)

Here are some examples to give a basic overview of what you can do and what you must do with each rank:
1. You belong to the lowest of levels (It’s best for people who are rank 1 to align to a kingdom, for easier work). This means you are free to do whatever you please. Train, do jobs and socialize.  As rank 1, however, you can only do simple jobs (delivery, aiding in events, etc.). Your chances of finding a master are also very low. For now, it’s best to attend a basic school. You aren’t allowed to participate in wars between kingdoms or towns. Because you are basically training yourself you won’t be able to obtain any leading/guiding position. Try to become better so you can achieve rank 2.

2. It seems like you left your newbie status behind. That's good but there is still a long road ahead. Your higher status makes you able to do more challenging jobs (collecting ingredients or exterminating monster). You now have a better chance of finding a teacher who is willing to aid or guide to become better. You are now allowed to participate in small skirmishes involving towns. You can’t however lead and are always appointed to a squad.

When being rogue you won’t be able to join these skirmishes although you are allowed to meddle in them (this however isn't much appreciated by the kingdom, or town depending on what you are doing). You can also choose to go on the road of crimes. You aren't that high ranked for now so it’s best to stick with simple crimes (and of course make sure you don’t get busted).

In return, we ask players who are this rank to makes missions/quests for other players. Since you probably want to do quests as well you can assume that for every mission you do we expect one extra mission for another player (doesn't need to be of the same rank or kingdom)

3. You now have become independent. Most people part ways from their teacher at this rank and strife for a more unique way of living/fighting. Once again you can do more challenging jobs (safe delivery of items to town or other kingdoms) and are more often requested by the kingdom itself to do request. You can participate in real wars between kingdoms but you still won’t be appointed to a leading or guiding position. At this rank, you are allowed to have students, but only from rank 1.

When being rogue you can, in some cases, get hired as a mercenary by a kingdom. To do these types of jobs you don’t have to join the kingdom. Some kingdoms do tend to hire mercenaries for the more dirty type of work. Once again you can choose crimes as well. Since your more dependable now, you can think about more serious crimes. Some might even hire you to do these types of things.

In return, we ask players just like with the rank before to make missions/quests for other players. Your higher ranked so a few extra mission would be appreciated (it doesn't necessarily needs be 2 mission for every you do). Instead of this, you are also allowed to become a guardian of another player(s). This means you must help them become stronger/wiser (basically guiding them to achieve their goals). When making a mission now, you can make mission you can do together with your students. Do make sure to make mission more fit for your students rather than yourself. You can quit being a guardian at any time, however, once your students advance you can't guide them as guardian any longer.

4. You now have become a high ranked and are more well known among all kingdoms (in most cases). You can form your own squads as well as being a teacher to other lower ranked players. You can also create guilds/clubs (or whatever you like to call it). Now you can do the more dangerous types of missions (escorting, message delivery and negotiating with other kingdoms). The kingdom you belong to will also ask you more frequently to do requests for the kingdom and in times of war, you’re sometimes obligated to join the forces.

When being rogue you can once again, in some cases, get hired as a mercenary by a kingdom. This however now depends on how good your reputation is with a particular kingdom. Also when doing crimes you can at this point expect people to put bounties on your head (since you can’t die you can get other punishments for being defeating while being a bounty).

In return, we ask players to (one time only, unless you want to do more) think of some facilities within a kingdom (or town). Every kingdom has basic places but with other people, we think we can make each kingdom livelier. When done with this we ask you (instead of missions) to every now and then think of events for a kingdom. Instead of this, you are, once again, allowed to become a guardian of another player(s). At this rank are allowed to have students of higher rank as well. You can quit being a guardian at any time, however, once your students advance to rank 3 or 4 you can't guide them as guardian any longer. You are also allowed to manage a guild/clubs/etc. make sure your group's needs are maintained though (to a certain level)

5. Now you've done it. You have achieved the highest rank there is. Remember not to slack off now, and become that to which others look up to (maybe you can even achieve a rank beyond this one day). When you reach this rank the kingdom you’re in will be expecting a lot from you. In times of wars you are simply expected to join, and most of the times you will be a commander or act out another type of leading function.  Once again you can accept far more dangerous mission which have great impact on the future of each kingdom. In most cases, you will also be well known among all kingdoms (in some cases you will get nicknames from others).

When being rogue it's quite the same with the exception that you aren't obligated to participate in the kingdom’s affair. Because of your status (if you gained it) some kingdoms might personally look for you to do work for them. For those filled with crimes, this is most likely the rank in which you will search out for people who you can take under your wing. Here you can get quite a reputation and in most cases, people will avoid you when they encounter you (unless they are sent to take you out).

In return, we ask players to (one time only, unless you want to do more) Create a small village which belongs to a kingdom (these villages can be expanded by other people or your own facilities). When done with this we ask you to every now and then think of a facility or event. Guiding students or managing guilds/clubs/etc is also accepted, but then we still ask you to every now and then think of a facility or event (that is if the groups aren't large).

That’s it for all the ranks. You are probably wondering how to advance. Well, there is no real rule for this. Simple role play and after doing quite a few things you are free to advance. You can only advance by doing something (or learning something) noteworthy. This means you can’t advance simply because you reached a curtained amount of posts (and for example advance half-way a topic). If this is a little difficult to understand think about your characters goals. Reaching these goals or part of it could be a trigger for advancing. Also learning things about someone or something can also be a trigger. Once you finished a topic in which you think you've earned to advance please pm one of the staff to take a look at the topic. If it’s ok, then congratulation on ranking up. If not, we will try and give you tips/clues on what you should do to rank up. Remember that normal roleplaying in between rank-ups are also necessary.

Tip: when making a mission for yourself simple change a few things like: names of people involved,  scenario/scenery, or items (if these are important to the mission). Changing these simple things and then assigning it to another kingdom can make multiple mission making more easier.

Events: In this cause events don’t mean the worldwide scenarios which can involve every player. Here, to put it simply, are things which can keep people (in a certain kingdom) busy. Whether it’s major or not depends on the situations. Some examples would be: Rumors about people disappearing into old facilities, a numerous amount of killings in a certain area, etc. Some players actions can also result in events. Whether you join in these events is up to you. In most cases, you won’t get a reward, but it can be a fun way to pass time. We do ask those that created an event not to participate and the players on which an event is based on to join. As staff we will also try to make as many events as possible as well.

Staff: Members who are part of staff don’t have to fulfill the duties of being in a certain rank, since they are also occupied with: approving characters, skill, powers and so forth, facing off players in simulation, in some cases acting as an NPC in certain scenarios etc. We do hope you understand this.
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Explanation: Ranking system
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