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 Rules: Role playing

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PostSubject: Rules: Role playing   Rules: Role playing I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 24, 2012 7:03 pm

I know... but you're almost done. Just a few things you need to know while role-playing.

1. Upon creation, your character will not know what he/she did in the simulation. So don't mention this while role-playing

2. You are not allowed to God-mod. Huh? Well, it has two meanings.
- One is that you can only control your character (with the exception of non-playable characters= NPC). In other words when you interact/fight with other "people" you can't decide or control what they do. Fooling them with for example illusions is allowed however its best if this is discussed within the simulation, so you know what you're boundaries are.
- The second is that your character is all and mighty. Knowing things your character shouldn't and using them is not allowed. Also, you can't make your character do things he isn't capable of doing. So dodging "everything" resisting "everything". Not only is it impossible but it makes role-playing boring if someone can't do "anything" to you

3. You are not allowed to Meta-game. Huh? Well, this means that you are using information you gained OOC (out of character) and use it IC (in character). So for example when you meet a person through role-playing you can look up his/her information on the forum by checking his/her character sheet. This isn't forbidden however using this information while role-playing is considered meta-gaming (so, for example, you start talking about someone's history without that person ever telling that to you)

4. You are but one person... So, only role play in 1 topic at a time. IF, the person you're role-playing with seems absent (about 3 or 4 days no post), edit your last post with "On hold". You can then post in a new one, however, you are not allowed to use any knowledge gained from that topic, until it is finished. When the person returns, try to finish that topic quickly so you can continue normally with your new topic. If the person doesn't return within 8 days you can freely leave the topic. Here again you can't use any knowledge gained from the topic, from which you left.

5. When role-playing with other people uphold your turn order throughout the course of the topic. This means when person a starts a topic and then person b responds. This order is maintained (so a, b, a, b etc.). This also applies when another person jumps in (so, a, b, a, then c jumps in, b, a, c, b, a etc.)

6. When roleplaying please refrain from using "one-liners". For example, when you want to enter the weapon don't simply post: "I walked to the weapon shop which was right in front of me."
No, when you roleplay, try to add extra's. The scenery, the weather the people/animals around you, your feelings and expressions. By adding these to your post you make your posts more lively and more enjoyable to read and understand for others. For example:
"On a great sunny afternoon, I stand here on the busy streets. A gentle breeze tickles my cheeks as it passes me and my long straight hair is blown upwards. As I look around I see many people either walking, as if in a hurry, or talking to others in groups. Before me there is a building with a big sign above the door, reading: "Ivor's Weaponshop". I take a deep breath, to relieve myself as I move towards the weapons shop hoping today will be another eventful day."
As you can see the last post is almost the same but more information is given making it more interesting to read (and also for others to join you in the topic)

7. Please refrain from using SMS-language when roleplaying. So no: srry, brb, etc. Of course, the exception would be if your character actually says it.

8. Please check your spelling before posting. We won't burn you for mistakes (I make them all the time, even in these types of posts), but we do appreciate it that you take out most, if not all, errors before posting something.

9. Don't kill other players! This is simply not allowed (yet!?) unless that person really wants to. Simply solve this by saying you knocked him/her unconscious and left him/her be. Even if you try to kill someone with a weapon (with a sword for example) you must give the other player the option to divert a fatal blow to a non-fatal blow (guiding a sword with your hands from your hart to your side for example).

10. Uphold your duties of your rank. Higher ranks are stronger, but must in return do more for other players. This is to support the site as well as supporting your fellow players.

Well that all. I hope you enjoy role-playing here and if you stumble upon problems don't be shy to ask one of the staff.
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Rules: Role playing
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