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 Rules: Basic forum rules

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PostSubject: Rules: Basic forum rules   Rules: Basic forum rules I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 24, 2012 5:11 pm

Welcome to Eternal Kingdom RP. As staff we hope you enjoy your stay on the forum. Here are a few rules which must be followed while on the forum:

1. Don't post or use sexual containing content on the forum. So DON'T post links, pictures, videos, etc. Also, it's best not to mention those things here either.

2. Please don't spam or troll. This means posting multiple times without purpose or posting on places which are unrelated to the topic.

3. Please refrain from posting where you are not allowed to post. So please don't post in rules sections and other topics you aren't allowed to post.

4. Don't burn other people over mistakes. We are all humans and mistakes are normal. I also make a lot of mistakes and I hope you will forgive me for them as well as you forgive your fellow players. Burning others will only result in them leaving, or them repeating their mistakes.

5. Don't cause conflicts in either the chatbox or the open topics (Role-playing is fine if it doesn't extend outside of the characters that are role-playing). Be kind to each other if that's impossible at least ignore them.

6. Please note a staff member when you see someone do something unappropriated, instead of solving it yourself. We believe that is far more effective  

Although we don't like losing members, we WILL punish those who abuse the rules through freezing or banning.
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Rules: Basic forum rules
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