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 Mission/Job Template

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PostSubject: Mission/Job Template   Mission/Job Template I_icon_minitimeSun Feb 24, 2013 2:53 pm

A job or mission can help you earn a great deal of money as well as reputations depending on how you do your work as well as the magnitude of the mission/job. The different between a mission and a job is mainly the difficulty. The more easy errands are more common referred to as jobs, while difficult ones are more common referred to as missions. For mission you are also more likely needed to leave a safe area. Mission/Job can be posted at various places depending on in which kingdom the mission is given. This means that where the client resides will also be the place to find the mission post. In Rakia for example there is a “Quest Guild” where missions and jobs are collected meaning that you’ll most likely find work there. It’s best to simple look around town (in a figure of speaking) if you’re looking for work.

If you want to accept work simply post in the mission topic and roleplay that you want to accept whatever work is asked of. If more people want to accept one job/mission then you can choose to either let one person go over to the client and accept or that every member goes to the client.

When you work out a job/mission make sure it’s in a new topic (so even if the errand is in the same place as the client you must make a new topic). At the end of the job/mission please add the link of the job/mission that you took (this makes it easier for staff to verify). When you finish a job/mission please add ‘Mission/Job done’ to the title of the topic (even if you fail a mission) and the reward you received at he end. A staff member will look over the mission/job and approve its done well, giving you your reward. If it’s not considered well is will be declared invalid (and you won’t receive any reward). Make you sure you tackle a mission with honesty and describe as much as possible. We don't uphold a word count here (mainly because if you really put some thought into it you can easily go over it) but every mission/job must have at least 500 words to prevent people from doing work and then making easy posts so they can earn easy money.

Since most of the work you will be handling alone (or with friends), you will most likely don’t want to fail a mission. However failing a mission is only human. To make sure you won’t waste all of your time on a failing missions you will still receive a small fee (we rather see a good written failing mission than missions that was completed that didn’t make any sense).

Here are a few reward indications given depending on the type of work that is done. You are free to assign a reward to your missions/jobs, but keep in mind what kind of client the work is from (nobles will give a higher reward then farmers. The Quest Guild will hand out lower rewards than normal, since there deducting fee to finance the guild and its workers, etc):
Simple errands (lifting, simple in town delivery, etc.): 0-1500
Monster extermination: 2000-8000 (this highly depends on the monsters strength, numbers and environment)
Escort (mostly the more rich people ask this): 3000-15000 (this depends on how famous they are and where they need to go)
Guard/Patrol: 1000-8000 (this depends on what or who you are guarding)
Delivery (in this case its always outside the place you take the item from): 1500-6000 (depends on what your delivering and where to)
Sabotage: 3000-10000 (depends on circumstances in which you need to sabotages something)
Assassination: 8000-20000 (depends on who you need to kill)
Failed mission: 1000

On some occasions during your mission/job you can also negotiate about the reward and thus receive a higher reward than the mission would give (BUT keep in mind that if this is done poorly, you will receive the normal amount, or even nothing. So if you simple say you want a higher reward and then the client then simply gives it to you, that's is wrong). Below you can see the template for making your own missions. Once it's approved it will be moved to the right place (sometimes a mission can be altered and moved to a different section. We apologize for this, but this is then done to balance work over the entire forum).

Mission/Job name: (Try to think a catchy name for the work. Also make sure to fill in either “Mission or Job)
Client: (Please fill in the name of the client of the particular work)
Objective: (Please fill in the main objective of this work. Some examples are: Monster extermination, escort, delivery, guarding, etc.)
Reward: (Please fill in the reward for completing the mission. Some clients give out money even when you fail. If this is the cause please this in as well. If this applies you won’t receive a compensation reward. If you have troubles thinking of a good reward you can also leave this blank and then we will assign an appropriate reward)
Description: (Please fill in what the mission is about, as well as how the mission/job will flow. Since in most causes players will need to fill in the entire mission/job themselves it’s important that they know what to expect and what the mission will demand from them. Please as detailed as possible so that even another player can understand how the mission will go)

Enemies/Traps (Not every mission will go as smooth as you want to. If enemies appear within the mission/job then please fill it in here. The same goes if traps are set along the mission/job.)
Please fill it in like this for enemies:
Enemy Name: (Name of the enemy)
Power: (what power he/she/it has and what it does)
Abilities: (only those he/she/it will use)
Appearance: (you can use pictures to help out, but a description is ok to)
Objective: (there objective. In most causes this is to stop/disturb YOU)

For traps:
Trap name: (If it has a name)
Trap power: (Simply explain what is does)
Where: (Where along the mission/job it will take place)
Trigger: (explain what triggers the trap. For example a wire, a block wall a person that simple activates it, etc.)

Other members (Please fill in here every other member that has relevance to this mission/job)
Please fill in, similar to enemy, like this:
Name: (Name of the person)
Power: (what power he/she/it has and what it does, if he/she/it has one)
Abilities: (only those he/she/it will use)
Appearance: (you can use pictures to help out, but a description is ok to)
Objective: (there objective)


[b]Mission/Job name:[/b]


[b]Enemy Name:[/b]

[b]Trap name:[/b]
[b]Trap power:[/b]

[b]Other members[/b]

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Mission/Job Template
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