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 Eclipsian Realms -AU Sailor Moon LB

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PostSubject: Eclipsian Realms -AU Sailor Moon LB   Fri Feb 15, 2013 5:57 pm

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Seven years have passed since the defeat of Chaos, the Senshi have since retired their mantles in favor of ruling their respective planets. Peace has come and a new generation of senshi have begun their training. However in the darkness of space lurks a new threat, Seven witches have re-awoken from their slumber. What is their plan now that they have returned?

With their wakening so too were the Eclipsians release from their stasis. Nine Guardians fell from the heavens to Earth, their memories faded. Their mission is to protect the Light, but what is the light they seek and can our young Neo-Senshi trust them?

Only Time will tell what destiny we hold, and only you hold the key.


  • Queen's Senshi, the original Senshi now passing the torch to the next generation as they fight their battles through diplomacy, what will they do when their daughters are threatened and a new team of Senshi arrive?
  • Neo senshi, Just starting out but will they rise to the glory of their mothers or will they fade into the darkness?
  • Eclipsian Senshi, Awoken from their slumber, lost in a new world, Fighters and guardians of the Past what will the Fate's foretell?
  • Witches of Sin, Are out for blood, they are trying to prolong their lives and gain Power but just what power are they after? Silver crystal? Eclipsian? Golden Crystal? Pink Crystal? only time will tell.

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Eclipsian Realms -AU Sailor Moon LB
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