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 How to get started

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PostSubject: How to get started   How to get started I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 24, 2012 6:22 pm

Here we will explain how you get to make a character and role within the world of Eternal Kingdoms.

1. First, it is advised to read the forum rules (this to prevent you from making simple mistakes which can result in getting banned).

2. Create an account. We advise you to make the username the same as the character's name you want to make.

3. Fill in the character sheet, which can be found here. Each section has an explanation which should make filling it in easier. If you happen to come across part you don't fully understand, feel free to ask one of the staff members about. When filling in the sheet don't simply copy stories from the internet. Using idea's and plot lines are oke, but don't just copy it. Try to make your character as detailed as possible and please check the spelling before posting.

4. Post your character in the character section. Try to make clear that your finished (example: character "done"). Staff will look over your posted character and will approve if it is done right. If not, we will try our best to explain what needs to be fixed.

5. Once your character is approved you're almost done^^. Now you must create a "simulation" topic. Simulation?!?! Well, this is a section where you will display what and how your powers work. Most of the time people might tend to make a power which is difficult to understand when explained, so in order to give such people a chance, you can role play using your power, which can make things easier. Since most people will have battle oriented powers (I Think) the topic name you can use will be:

"Simulation *your name* [Battle]"

Here you will fight a staff member who will role play a hollow character with a selected power of your choice. Don't be shy to go all-out. The purpose of this is to show staff how your powers work within role-playing. Within the simulation, physical and mental limits are removed so you can use all the powers/skills/techniques that you possess. IF, you don't have battle powers, and want a different kind of simulation please notify this within the topic name. Also in the simulation the so-called "Godmodding" is slightly aloud to better explain what your powers do to your opponent and staff will do the same to explain to you what you are facing.

6. The battle is stopped with "Game Over" (don't worry nothing bad^^). Usually meaning you defeated your enemy or reached a curtained goal. If your powers are approved staff will notify you, thus completing your character creation. If this is not the cause it will be the cause of either these problems and you must solve this accordingly:
- Your power is TOO strong! having strong powers is ok (I mean everyone wants to be strong and admired). However, your power is measured by your rank and the risk of using it. So, for example, if you are the lowest rank and use strong powers without real difficulties that's wrong.
You can fix this by either adjusting your power (so making it less strong), or by increasing the risk for using it, so have greater side-effects upon using your power.
- Your power is inappropriate! This means your powers either violated certain rules, they are an exact copy of another person's power or they simply aren't explained well enough during the simulation.
To fix this, you either need to make another power (because your power violated rules, like for example instant dead powers). Try to alter you powers slightly (because they were an exact copy, I know it can be annoying, but if you have similar powers you can always look for that individual and learn from him/her through role-playing). try to explain it better to the staff (because your powers aren't clear. You don't have to redo the fight but try to explain what you can do. In these cases it is best to change your powers since other people might not understand what you are trying to do either when you role play with them, which can make things confusing)

7. Now you should be done..... Well not quite (sorry). Your character is finished but please read the "Rules: Role playing" before you actually start. This is to prevent mistakes. You may or may not come across a point where you don't follow something. The rules are covered in "Templates & Help guides". If you still have something you don't understand, please ask one of the staff members about it, or post in the question section. We will be happy to help you out if bump into any problems.
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How to get started
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