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 Arriving with impact

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PostSubject: Re: Arriving with impact   Wed Dec 05, 2018 7:29 pm

It seems that Kyousuke isn't going to run around the bush about my identity.

"Does that really matter? It won't change the situation here."

But I don't plan on answering his questions about me. Some secrets are better left as secrets and it really doesn't have anything to do with the situation at hand. After that Kyousuke runs out of the room telling us to stay put. It seems like he has some kind of plan as he wants us to stay here while going there alone. On the other hand he didn't strike me as someone who fights with a plan.

I go over to the door and stay there. If something happens I can run out immediately. I focus on my senses so I will notice if something happens, but at the moment I don't sense anything. I also take a look at Lloyd to see what he thinks of the situation.

Ever since that training I did I feel like I am completely aware of everything around me. A bit over alert. I can't help but try to get a picture of everything around me especially as the intruder seems to have a trick that prevents Nuriel from finding them. However even though I try to stay aware of everything that doesn't mean I actually am. For now I just try to stay concentrated.
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PostSubject: Re: Arriving with impact   Wed Dec 05, 2018 11:14 pm

I'm shaken up a more heavy-handed then I was expecting. As I open up my eyes I see Kyousuke a bit who seems quite worked up about something. Just from his look alone, I can tell that danger is coming and just I was expecting Kyousuke tells someone else is here. Before I can react Kyousuke runs out the door telling us to stay put. Left alone with Satoru I take a minute to connect some dots in my mind before getting up and walking over to the door.

"Let's go Satoru. I got a bad feeling about this... You think you can still use that power from before. If it's really one of those guys then it's best not to take any chances."

Not waiting for any approval I decide to start moving either way. I take out the scanner while on the move and It doesn't take long before I pick up a signal as I go after it, expecting to meet Kyousuke as well as whoever it is that arrived.


I once again step foot on solid land, taking in the scenery. I let the water of the lake drip off naturally from my long fiery crimson red hair. My white with brown-striped coat has some water repelling features as the water flows away as if it came into contact with oil. After making sure nothing is out to get me immediately I venture further in. I quickly get a strange vibe and it feels as if someone is watching me. The sensation is quite rare for me as I usually managed to get by unnoticed. At the same time, I can't help but feel a bit excited as it has been a while since I've last have seen some sort of action. I crack the joints in my hands before doing the same for next and shoulder eagerly awaiting whoever's out there.
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Arriving with impact
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