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 X- Genesis (LB)

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PostSubject: X- Genesis (LB)   X- Genesis (LB) I_icon_minitimeThu Mar 07, 2013 9:56 pm

X- Genesis (LB) Topsites

X-Men Alternate Universe * Intermediate to Advanced * Canons Only

The world is falling into darkness…

Man turns on his fellow man all because of genetic differences…

War is on the horizon…

It is the year 2011 and mutants exist. This has become a plain and simple fact of life… Or perhaps not so simple…

The world and its people have seen what mutants can do both for good and evil. Most mutants are viewed at large as a threat to the human race. Knowing this would happen one man stepped forward to make certain that humanity was safe and mutants could learn to control their powers as a benefit to all the people of the world. His name was Charles Xavier. For a time under the shadow of growing hate and prejudice of mankind he brought together mutants from all over the world to teach them to be the next line of defence against those that would threaten the peace however those times are now gone...

In a world where hate fills the air, where the dreams of Charles Xavier begin to fall to pieces and where Xavier himself has seemingly become the enemy of peace…

Where will you stand?

Light or Dark… Good or Evil…

Will you stand against hatred or fight in its name? In this All Cannon Alternate Universe RPG the choice and the fate of mutant kinds future rests in your hands.
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X- Genesis (LB)
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